42 USC § 1990
Marshal to obey precepts; refusing to receive or execute process
July 4, 2020

Every marshal and deputy marshal shall obey and execute all warrants or other process, when directed to him, issued under the provisions of section 1989 of this title. Every marshal and deputy marshal who refuses to receive any warrant or other process when tendered to him, issued in pursuance of the provisions of this section, or refuses or neglects to use all proper means diligently to execute the same, shall be liable to a fine in the sum of $1,000, for the benefit of the party aggrieved thereby.


R.S. §1985 derived from acts Apr. 9, 1866, ch. 31, §5, 14 Stat. 28; May 31, 1870, ch. 114, §10, 16 Stat. 142.

R.S. §5517 derived from act May 31, 1870, ch. 114, §10, 16 Stat. 142.

Section was formerly classified to section 51 of Title 8, Aliens and Nationality.

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