42 USC § 247b-13a
Screening and treatment for maternal depression
July 4, 2020

(a) Grants
The Secretary shall make grants to States to establish, improve, or maintain programs for screening, assessment, and treatment services, including culturally and linguistically appropriate services, as appropriate, for women who are pregnant, or who have given birth within the preceding 12 months, for maternal depression.

(b) Application
To seek a grant under this section, a State shall submit an application to the Secretary at such time, in such manner, and containing such information as the Secretary may require. At a minimum, any such application shall include explanations of—

(1) how a program, or programs, will increase the percentage of women screened and treated, as appropriate, for maternal depression in 1 or more communities; and

(2) how a program, or programs, if expanded, would increase access to screening and treatment services for maternal depression.

(c) Priority
In awarding grants under this section, the Secretary may give priority to States proposing to improve or enhance access to screening services for maternal depression in primary care settings.

(d) Use of funds
The activities eligible for funding through a grant under subsection (a)—

(1) shall include—

(A) providing appropriate training to health care providers; and

(B) providing information to health care providers, including information on maternal depression screening, treatment, and followup support services, and linkages to community-based resources; and

(2) may include—

(A) enabling health care providers (including obstetrician-gynecologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, mental health care providers, and adult primary care clinicians) to provide or receive real-time psychiatric consultation (in-person or remotely) to aid in the treatment of pregnant and parenting women;

(B) establishing linkages with and among community-based resources, including mental health resources, primary care resources, and support groups; and

(C) utilizing telehealth services for rural areas and medically underserved areas (as defined in section 254c–14(a) of this title).

(e) Authorization of appropriations
To carry out this section, there are authorized to be appropriated $5,000,000 for each of fiscal years 2018 through 2022.

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