(a) In general
The Secretary shall coordinate duties and activities authorized under sections 300hh–10b, 300hh–10c, and 300hh–10d of this title, and make efforts to reduce unnecessary or duplicative reporting, or unnecessary duplicative meetings and recommendations under such sections, as practicable. Members of the advisory committees authorized under such sections, or their designees, shall annually meet to coordinate any recommendations, as appropriate, that may be similar, duplicative, or overlapping with respect to addressing the needs of children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities during public health emergencies. If such coordination occurs through an in-person meeting, it shall not be considered the required in-person meetings under any of sections 300hh–10b(e), 300hh–10c(e), or 300hh–10d(d) of this title.

(b) Coordination and alignment
The Secretary, acting through the employee designated pursuant to section 300hh–16 of this title, shall align preparedness and response programs or activities to address similar, dual, or overlapping needs of children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities, and any challenges in preparing for and responding to such needs.

(c) Notification
The Secretary shall annually notify the congressional committees of jurisdiction regarding the steps taken to coordinate, as appropriate, the recommendations under this section, and provide a summary description of such coordination.

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