(a) Initiation of research
The Secretary shall initiate research or accelerate existing research in areas in which the lack of knowledge limits development of ocean thermal energy conversion systems in order to achieve the purposes of this chapter.

(b) Evaluations, tests, and dissemination of information, data, and materials
The Secretary shall conduct evaluations, arrange for tests, and disseminate to developers information, data, and materials necessary to support the design efforts undertaken pursuant to section 9004 of this title. Specific technical areas to be addressed shall include, but not be limited to—

(1) interface requirements between the platform and cold water pipe;

(2) cold water pipe deployment techniques;

(3) heat exchangers;

(4) control system simulation;

(5) stationkeeping requirements; and

(6) energy delivery systems, such as electric cable or energy product transport.

(c) Consideration of new or improved technologies
The Secretary shall, for the purpose of performing his responsibilities pursuant to this chapter, solicit proposals and evaluate any reasonable new or improved technology, a description of which is submitted to the Secretary in writing, which could lead or contribute to the development of ocean thermal energy conversion system technology.

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