42 USC § 9207
Criteria for program selection
July 4, 2020

The Secretary shall set priorities which are, as far as possible, consistent with the intent and purposes of this chapter and which are set in accordance with the following criteria:

(1) the construction, operation, and maintenance costs of wind energy systems shall be minimized;

(2) programs established under this chapter shall be conducted with the express intent of bringing wind energy system costs down to a level competitive with energy costs from conventional energy systems;

(3) priority shall be given in the conduct of programs established under this chapter to those projects in which cost-sharing funds are provided by private, industrial, agricultural, or governmental entities or utilities; and

(4) to the extent that the Secretary is limited by the availability of funds to carry out the objectives of this chapter, priority, but not exclusive emphasis, should be given in the early years of the programs to activities under sections 9204 and 9206 of this title and in the later years of the programs to activities under section 9205 of this title.

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