42 USC § 9916
Fiscal controls, audits, and withholding
July 4, 2020

(a) Fiscal controls, procedures, audits, and inspections

(1) In general
A State that receives funds under this chapter shall—

(A) establish fiscal control and fund accounting procedures necessary to assure the proper disbursal of and accounting for Federal funds paid to the State under this chapter, including procedures for monitoring the funds provided under this chapter;

(B) ensure that cost and accounting standards of the Office of Management and Budget apply to a recipient of the funds under this chapter;

(C) subject to paragraph (2), prepare, at least every year, an audit of the expenditures of the State of amounts received under this chapter and amounts transferred to carry out the purposes of this chapter; and

(D) make appropriate books, documents, papers, and records available to the Secretary and the Comptroller General of the United States, or any of their duly authorized representatives, for examination, copying, or mechanical reproduction on or off the premises of the appropriate entity upon a reasonable request for the items.

(2) Audits

(A) In general
Subject to subparagraph (B), each audit required by subsection (a)(1)(C) shall be conducted by an entity independent of any agency administering activities or services carried out under this chapter and shall be conducted in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

(B) Single audit requirements
Audits shall be conducted under this paragraph in the manner and to the extent provided in chapter 75 of title 31 (commonly known as the "Single Audit Act Amendments of 1996").

(C) Submission of copies
Within 30 days after the completion of each such audit in a State, the chief executive officer of the State shall submit a copy of such audit to any eligible entity that was the subject of the audit at no charge, to the legislature of the State, and to the Secretary.

(3) Repayments
The State shall repay to the United States amounts found not to have been expended in accordance with this chapter or the Secretary may offset such amounts against any other amount to which the State is or may become entitled under this chapter.

(b) Withholding

(1) In general
The Secretary shall, after providing adequate notice and an opportunity for a hearing conducted within the affected State, withhold funds from any State that does not utilize the grant or allotment under section 9905 or 9906 of this title in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, including the assurances such State provided under section 9908 of this title.

(2) Response to complaints
The Secretary shall respond in an expeditious and speedy manner to complaints of a substantial or serious nature that a State has failed to use funds in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, including the assurances provided by the State under section 9908 of this title. For purposes of this paragraph, a complaint of a failure to meet any one of the assurances provided under section 9908 of this title that constitutes disregarding that assurance shall be considered to be a complaint of a serious nature.

(3) Investigations
Whenever the Secretary determines that there is a pattern of complaints of failures described in paragraph (2) from any State in any fiscal year, the Secretary shall conduct an investigation of the use of funds received under this chapter by such State in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of this chapter.

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