43 USC § 315j
Appropriation of moneys received; application of public-land laws to Indian ceded lands; application for mineral title to lands
June 5, 2020

When appropriated by Congress, 331/3 per centum of all grazing fees received from each grazing district on Indian lands ceded to the United States for disposition under the public-land laws during any fiscal year shall be paid at the end thereof by the Secretary of the Treasury to the State in which said lands are situated, to be expended as the State legislature may prescribe for the benefit of public schools and public roads of the county or counties in which such grazing lands are situated. And the remaining 662/3 per centum of all grazing fees received from such grazing lands shall be deposited to the credit of the Indians pending final disposition under applicable laws, treaties, or agreements. The applicable public land laws as to said Indian ceded lands within a district created under this subchapter shall continue in operation, except that each and every application for nonmineral title to said lands in a district created under this subchapter shall be allowed only if in the opinion of the Secretary of the Interior the land is of the character suited to disposal through the Act under which application is made and such entry and disposal will not affect adversely the best public interest, but no settlement or occupation of such lands shall be permitted until ninety days after allowance of an application.


1947—Act Aug. 6, 1947, provided that 331/3 per centum of grazing fees on certain Indian lands be paid to the States and the remaining 662/3 per centum of such fees be credited to the Indians.

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