43 USC § 50c
Payment of costs incidental to utilization of services of volunteers
June 5, 2020

Appropriations herein and on and after December 22, 1987, made shall be available for paying costs incidental to the utilization of services contributed by individuals who serve without compensation as volunteers in aid of work of the United States Geological Survey, and that within appropriations herein and on and after December 22, 1987, provided, United States Geological Survey officials may authorize either direct procurement of or reimbursement for expenses incidental to the effective use of volunteers such as, but not limited to, training, transportation, lodging, subsistence, equipment, and supplies: Provided further, That provision for such expenses or services is in accord with volunteer or cooperative agreements made with such individuals, private organizations, educational institutions, or State or local government.

References in Text

Appropriations herein, referred to in text, probably means appropriations under the headings "Geological Survey", "surveys, investigations, and research" and "administrative provisions", of the annual Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations Act.

Change of Name

"United States Geological Survey" substituted in text for "Geological Survey" pursuant to provision of title I of Pub. L. 102–154, set out as a note under section 31 of this title.

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