45 CFR § 2103.1
General approaches to review of plans by the Commission
April 14, 2021

The Commission functions relate to the appearance of proposed projects within its purview as specified herein. These functions are to serve the purpose of conserving and enhancing the visual assets which contribute significantly to the character and quality of Washington as the nation's capital and which appropriately reflect the history and features of its development over two centuries. Where existing conditions detract from the overall appearance of official Washington or historic Georgetown—such as conditions caused by temporary, deteriorated, or abandoned buildings of little or no historical or architectural value, by interrupted developments, or by vacant lots not devoted to public use as parks or squares—the Commission will favor suitable corrections to these conditions. When changes or additions are proposed in other circumstances, the Commission may consider whether the public need or value of the project or the private interests to be served thereby justify making any change or addition, and it will consider whether the project can be accomplished in reasonable harmony with the nearby area, with a minimum loss of attractive features of the existing building or site, with due deference to the historical and architectural values affected, and without creating an anomalous disturbing element in the public view of the city.

[62 FR 4649, Jan. 31, 1997]

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