(a) Persons and entities are responsible for the accuracy of information which they report to the NPDB. If errors or omissions are found after information has been reported, the person or entity which reported it must send an addition or correction to the NPDB and, in the case of reports made under §60.12 of this part, also to the Board of Medical Examiners, as soon as possible. The NPDB will not accept requests for readjudication of the case by the NPDB, and will not examine the underlying merits of a reportable action.

(b) An individual or entity which reports information on licensure or certification, negative actions or findings, clinical privileges, criminal convictions, civil or administrative judgments, exclusions, or adjudicated actions or decisions under §60.8, §60.9, §60.10, §60.11, §60.12, §60.13, §60.14, §60.15, or §60.16 must also report any revision of the action originally reported. Revisions include, but are not limited to, reversal of a professional review action or reinstatement of a license. In the case of actions reported under §60.9, §60.10, §60.13, §60.14, §60.15 or §60.16, revisions also include whether an action is on appeal. Revisions are subject to the same time constraints and procedures of §60.5, §60.8, §60.9, §60.10, §60.11, §60.12, §60.13, §60.14, §60.15, or §60.16 as applicable to the original action which was reported.

(c) The subject will be sent a copy of all reports, including revisions and corrections to the report.

(d) Upon receipt of a report, the subject:

(1) Can accept the report as written;

(2) May provide a statement to the NPDB that will be permanently appended to the report, either directly or through a designated representative; (The NPDB will distribute the statement to queriers, where identifiable, and to the reporting entity and the subject of the report. Only the subject can, upon request, make changes to the statement. The NPDB will not edit the statement; however the NPDB reserves the right to redact personal identifying and offensive language that does not change the factual nature of the statement.); or

(3) May follow the dispute process in accordance with §60.21.

[78 FR 20484, Apr. 5, 2013, 78 FR 25860, May 6, 2013]

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