(a) Upon taking any remedy for non-compliance, the HHS awarding agency must provide the non-Federal entity an opportunity to object and provide information and documentation challenging the suspension or termination action, in accordance with written processes and procedures published by the HHS awarding agency. The HHS awarding agency or pass-through entity must comply with any requirements for hearings, appeals or other administrative proceedings to which the non-Federal entity is entitled under any statute or regulation applicable to the action involved.

(b) See also:

(1) 42 CFR part 50, subpart D for the Public Health Service Appeals Procedures,

(2) 45 CFR part 16 for the Procedures of the Departmental Appeals Board, and

(3) 45 CFR part 95, subpart A for the time limits for states to file claims.

(4) 45 CFR part 95, subpart E for the State cost allocation plan disapprovals.

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