It is the policy of the Department of Health and Human Services in accordance with the policy of the President announced on February 21, 1969, to make research and study facilities of the Department readily available to the scientific community, especially qualified academic scientists and engineers. Unique, unusual, and expensive-to-duplicate facilities at laboratories and other study and research facilities of the Department will be made available to the national scientific community, to the maximum extent practical without serious detriment to the missions of those facilities. It is also the policy of the Department to permit qualified students and graduates of institutions of learning in the several States, and territories, as well as the District of Columbia, to use study and research facilities of the Department. When such facilities are used by academic scientists, engineers, and students, the costs incurred for the operation of the unique or unusual research facilities, as well as of the other facilities, should be funded by the operating agency responsible for the operation of that facility, except for any significant incremental costs incurred in support of research not directly related to an HHS mission.

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