In lieu of the equipment specified in §160.151-21, the following equipment must be provided with a Coastal Service inflatable liferaft:

(a) Rescue quoit and heaving line. One rescue quoit and a heaving line as described in §160.151-21(a).

(b) Knife. One knife, of a type designed to minimize the chance of damage to the inflatable liferaft and secured with a lanyard.

(c) Bailer. One bailer as described in §160.151-21(c).

(d) Sponge. One sponge as described in §160.151-21(d).

(e) Sea anchor. One sea anchor as described in §160.151-21(e).

(f) Paddles. Two paddles of the same size and type as used to pass the maneuverability test in paragraph 1/5.10 of IMO Revised recommendation on testing (incorporated by reference, see §160.051-5 of this subpart).

(g) Whistle. One whistle as described in §160.151-21(i) of this part.

(h) Flashlight. One flashlight with spare batteries as described in §160.151-21(m).

(i) Signalling mirror. One signalling mirror as described in §160.151-21(o).

(j) Survival instructions. Instructions on how to survive as described in §160.151-21(v).

(k) Instructions for immediate action. Instructions for immediate action as described in §160.151-21(w).

(l) Repair outfit. One set of sealing clamps or plugs as described in §160.151-21(y)(1).

(m) Pump or bellows. One pump or bellows as described in §160.151-21(z).

(n) Plugs for pressure-relief valves. Plugs for pressure-relief valves as described in §160.151-21(aa).

[CGD 85-205, 62 FR 25546, May 9, 1997. Redesignated and amended by USCG-2010-0048, 76 FR 62975, 62976, Oct. 11, 2011]

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