(a) Individual cartons. Cartons and their contents shall be the type indicated in Specification subpart 160.041.

(b) Items. The items contained in first-aid kit shall be as listed in Table 160.054-4(b).

Table 160.054-4(b)—Items for First-Aid Kit

Open Table
Item No. per pkg. Size of pkg. No. of pkgs.
Bandage compress—4 inches 1 Single 1
Bandage compress—2 inches 4 Single 1
Waterproof adhesive compress—1 inch 16 Single 1
Eye dressing packet, 18 oz. Ophthalmic ointment, adhesive strips, cotton pads. 3 Single 1
Bandage, gauze, compressed, 2 inches × 6 yards 2 Single 1
Tourniquet, forceps, scissors, 12 safety pins 1, 1, 1, and 12, respectively Double 1
Wire splint 1 Single 1
Ammonia inhalants 10 Single 1
Iodine applicators, ( 12 ml swab type) 10 Single 1
Aspirin, phenacetin and caffeine compound, 612 Gr. tablets, vials of 20 2 Single 1
Sterile petrolatum gauze, 3 inches by 18 inches 4 Single 1

(c) Instructions. Instructions for the use of the contents of the first-aid kit shall be printed in legible type and either shall be placed inside the container or printed on the container in waterproof ink. The instructions for the use of the contents are as indicated in Specification subpart 160.041, except that the triangular bandage is omitted.

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