(a) Eligible agreement vessels. The sale or other disposition (including mortgages) of eligible agreement vessels shall not require prior approval of the Maritime Administrator, but shall require written notification within 10 days after the sale or other disposition. Such notification shall include a description of the transaction, the identity of the transferee, the proceeds to be realized, the date of the transaction and whether the proceeds will be deposited into the fund.

(b) Qualified agreement vessels

(1) In general. If a qualified agreement vessel whose basis has been reduced through the application of qualified withdrawals is sold or disposed of (including mortgaged) within one year, interest on the amount of gain attributable to the basis reduction shall attach if the Maritime Administrator determines that the disposition was contrary to the policies of the Act, the joint regulations or these regulations. See §390.13 (relating to failure to fulfill a substantial obligation under the agreement).

(2) Period of one year defined. The one-year period shall mean 365 days from the date of final delivery from the shipyard in the case of construction or reconstruction and 365 days from the date of first loading of the vessel in the case of an acquisition.

(3) Prior approval. The party shall obtain the written approval of the Maritime Administrator prior to the sale or other disposition (including mortgage) of a qualified agreement vessel.

(4) Deposit requirement. The Maritime Administrator will not normally require the deposit of the net proceeds from the sale of a qualified agreement vessel but shall require the deposit of the net proceeds from the mortgage of a qualified agreement vessel for which qualified withdrawals from the fund have been made.

(c) Sale or other disposition of agreement vessels to related persons

(1) In general. Section 3.2(c)(4) of the joint regulations (§391.2(c)(4) of this chapter) requires that the net proceeds from the sale or other disposition of an agreement vessel shall be the fair market value of the vessel when the party and the purchaser are owned or controlled directly or indirectly by the same interests within the meaning of section 482 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and the regulations thereunder. In such case, the party shall furnish data to establish that the amount realized or to be realized is the fair market value.

(2) Data to be submitted. Sufficient data must be submitted to support a determination by the Maritime Administrator of the fair market value including the original cost of the vessel, dates of original delivery, acquisition and reconstruction, as applicable, cost of improvements, sales price, costs of sale and any other information which would assist in making such determination.

[41 FR 4265, Jan. 29, 1976, as amended at 73 FR 56740, Sept. 30, 2008]

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