(a) In general. The agreement consists of a standard part and appended schedules. The standard part of the agreement contains recitals, covenants and warranties which apply to all parties. The appended schedules set forth the particular program of the party and contain other information unique to each agreement. See §390.6 (relating to administration of the agreement) for procedures and criteria for the modification of schedules.

(b) Schedule A—Eligible agreement vessels. Schedule A lists the names of eligible agreement vessels (as defined in §390.5), whether owned or leased, and the allowable percentage of the depreciation ceiling, if any, available for deposit purposes by the party. See §390.7 (relating to deposits) for allowable depreciation in the case of leased vessels.

(c) Schedule B—Program

(1) In general. Schedule B sets forth the program of the party including the cost of the program and the time in which the program shall be accomplished.

(2) Items in Schedule B. Schedule B shall contain:

(i) A statement describing each qualified agreement vessel (as defined in §390.5) to be acquired, constructed or reconstructed. In the case of reconstruction, the statement will include a general description of the work to be performed;

(ii) The anticipated date on which the acquisition, construction or reconstruction of each qualified agreement vessel will commence;

(iii) The anticipated total cost, including any costs which will not be paid from the fund, of the acquisition, construction or reconstruction of each qualified agreement vessel; and

(iv) The amount to be withdrawn from the fund with respect to the acquisition, construction or reconstruction of each qualified agreement vessel.

(3) Submission of contracts. When a contract is executed for any acquisition, construction or reconstruction relating to the agreement, such contract shall be submitted within 30 days after execution to the Maritime Administrator who shall then determine whether such undertaking is in accordance with the program set forth in Schedule B.

(d) Schedule C—Depositories. Schedule C lists, by name and address, the depositories of the fund. See §390.7 (relating to deposits).

(e) Schedule D—Minimum deposits. Schedule D sets forth the minimum deposits which must be made into the fund. See §390.7 (relating to deposits) for the procedure in setting minimum deposits.

(f) Submission of proposed schedules. An applicant shall submit proposed schedules with his application. The specific information required in such schedules is set forth in the application instructions referred to in paragraph (a)(1) of §390.2. A sample agreement (standard part and appended schedules) is contained in appendix II to this part.

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