(a) The hourly rate for pilotage service on—

(1) The St. Lawrence River is $800;

(2) Lake Ontario is $498;

(3) Lake Erie is $566;

(4) The navigable waters from Southeast Shoal to Port Huron, MI is $580;

(5) Lakes Huron, Michigan, and Superior is $337; and

(6) The St. Marys River is $586.

(b) The pilotage charge is calculated by multiplying the hourly rate by the hours or fraction thereof (rounded to the nearest 15 minutes) that the registered pilot is on the bridge or available to the master of the vessel, multiplied by the weighting factor shown in §401.400 of this part.

[USCG-2015-0497, 81 FR 11940, Mar. 7, 2016, as amended by USCG-2019-0736, 85 FR 20120, Apr. 9, 2020; USCG-2020-0457, 86 FR 14220, Mar. 12, 2021]

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