(a) No environmental analyses need be undertaken or environmental documents prepared in connection with actions which do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the quality of the human environment because they are purely ministerial actions or because they do not increase or decrease air, water or noise pollution or the use of fossil fuels, recyclables, or energy. The following Commission actions, and rulemakings related thereto, are therefore excluded:

(1) Issuance, modification, denial and revocation of ocean transportation intermediary licenses.

(2) Certification of financial responsibility of passenger vessels pursuant to 46 CFR part 540.

(3) Receipt of surety bonds submitted by ocean transportation intermediaries.

(4) Promulgation of procedural rules pursuant to 46 CFR part 502.

(5) Receipt of service contracts.

(6) Consideration of special permission applications pursuant to part 520 of this chapter.

(7)-(8) [Reserved]

(9) Consideration of amendments to agreements filed pursuant to section 5 of the Shipping Act of 1984 (46 U.S.C. 40301(d)-(e), 40302-40303, 40305), which do not increase the authority set forth in the effective agreement.

(10) Consideration of agreements between common carriers which solely affect intraconference or inter-rate agreement relationships or pertain to administrative matters of conferences or rate agreements.

(11) Consideration of agreements between common carriers to discuss, propose or plan future action, the implementation of which requires filing a further agreement.

(12) Consideration of exclusive or non-exclusive equipment interchange or husbanding agreements.

(13) Receipt of non-exclusive transshipment agreements.

(14) Action relating to collective bargaining agreements.

(15) Action pursuant to section 9 of the Shipping Act of 1984 (46 U.S.C. 40701-40706) concerning the justness and reasonableness of controlled carriers' rates, charges, classifications, rules or regulations.

(16) Receipt of self-policing reports or shipper requests and complaints.

(17) [Reserved]

(18) Consideration of actions solely affecting the environment of a foreign country.

(19) Action taken on special docket applications pursuant to §502.271 of this chapter.

(20) Consideration of matters related solely to the issue of Commission jurisdiction.

(21) [Reserved]

(22) Investigatory and adjudicatory proceedings, the purpose of which is to ascertain past violations of the Shipping Act of 1984.

(23) [Reserved]

(24) Action regarding access to public information pursuant to 46 CFR part 503.

(25) Action regarding receipt and retention of minutes of conference meetings.

(26) Administrative procurements (general supplies).

(27) Contracts for personal services.

(28) Personnel actions.

(29) Requests for appropriations.

(30) Consideration of all agreements involving marine terminal facilities and/or services except those requiring substantial levels of construction, dredging, land-fill, energy usage and other activities which may have a significant environmental effect.

(31) Consideration of agreements regulating employee wages, hours of work, working conditions or labor exchanges.

(32) Consideration of general agency agreements involving ministerial duties of a common carrier such as internal management, cargo solicitation, booking of cargo, or preparation of documents.

(33) Consideration of agreements pertaining to credit rules.

(34) Consideration of agreements involving performance bonds to a conference from a conference member guaranteeing compliance by the member with the rules and regulations of the conference.

(35) Consideration of agreements between members of two or more conferences or other rate-fixing agreements to discuss and agree upon common self-policing systems and cargo inspection services.

(b) If interested persons allege that a categorically-excluded action will have a significant environmental effect (e.g., increased or decreased air, water or noise pollution; use of recyclables; use of fossil fuels or energy), they shall, by written submission to the Secretary, explain in detail their reasons. The Secretary shall refer these submissions for determination by the appropriate Commission official, not later than ten (10) days after receipt, whether to prepare an environmental assessment. Upon a determination not to prepare an environmental assessment, such persons may petition the Commission for review of the decision within ten (10) days of receipt of notice of such determination.

(c) If the individual or cumulative effect of a particular action otherwise categorically excluded offers a reasonable potential of having a significant environmental impact, an environmental assessment shall be prepared pursuant to §504.5.

[49 FR 44415, Nov. 6, 1984; 49 FR 47395, Dec. 4, 1984, as amended at 56 FR 50662, Oct. 8, 1991; 60 FR 27229, May 23, 1995; 61 FR 66617, Dec. 18, 1996; 64 FR 23549, May 3, 1999; 74 FR 50718, Oct. 1, 2009]

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