(a) Upon request, a person filing a complaint, protest, petition or agreement requesting Commission action shall submit, no later than ten (10) days from the date of the request, a statement setting forth, in detail, the impact of the requested Commission action on the quality of the human environment, if such requested action will:

(1) Alter cargo routing patterns between ports or change modes of transportation;

(2) Change rates or services for recyclables;

(3) Change the type, capacity or number of vessels employed in a specific trade; or

(4) Alter terminal or port facilities.

(b) The statement submitted shall, to the fullest extent possible, include:

(1) The probable impact of the requested Commission action on the environment (e.g., the use of energy or natural resources, the effect on air, noise, or water pollution), compared to the environmental impact created by existing uses in the area affected by it;

(2) Any adverse environmental effects which cannot be avoided if the Commission were to take or adopt the requested action; and

(3) Any alternatives to the requested Commission action.

(c) If environmental impacts, either adverse or beneficial, are alleged, they should be sufficiently identified and quantified to permit meaningful review. Individuals may contact the Secretary of the Federal Maritime Commission for informal assistance in preparing this statement. The Commission shall independently evaluate the information submitted and shall be responsible for assuring its accuracy if used by it in the preparation of an environmental assessment or EIS.

(d) In all cases, the Secretary may request every common carrier by water, or marine terminal operator, or any officer, agent or employee thereof, as well as all parties to proceedings before the Commission, to submit, within ten (10) days of such request, all material information necessary to comply with NEPA and this part. Information not produced in response to an informal request may be obtained by the Commission pursuant to section 15 of the Shipping Act of 1984 (46 U.S.C. 40104).

[49 FR 44415, Nov. 6, 1984; 49 FR 47395, Dec. 4, 1984, as amended at 64 FR 23550, May 3, 1999; 74 FR 50718, Oct. 1, 2009]

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