(a) General.

(1) No new or initial rate, charge, or change in an existing rate, that results in an increased cost to a shipper may become effective earlier than thirty (30) calendar days after publication.

(2) An amendment which deletes a specific commodity and applicable rate from a tariff, thereby resulting in a higher “cargo n.o.s.” or similar general cargo rate, is a rate increase requiring a 30-day notice period.

(3) Rates for the transportation of cargo for the U.S. Department of Defense may be effective upon publication.

(4) Changes in rates, charges, rules, regulations or other tariff provisions resulting in a decrease in cost to a shipper may become effective upon publication.

(b) Amendments. The following amendments may take effect upon publication:

(1) Those resulting in no change in cost to a shipper;

(2) The canceling of a tariff due to cessation of all service by the carrier between the ports or points covered by the tariff;

(3) The addition of a port or point to a previously existing origin or destination grouping; or

(4) Changes in charges for terminal services, canal tolls, additional charges, or other provisions not under the control of the common carriers or conferences, which merely acts as a collection agent for such charges and the agency making such changes does so without notifying the tariff owner.

(c) Controlled carriers. Published rates by or for controlled carriers shall be governed by the procedures set forth in part 565 of this chapter.

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