Within thirty (30) days of the occurrence of any event listed below, there shall be filed with the Commission, pursuant to the same procedures as those followed for the filing of an amendment pursuant to §530.10 and appendix A to this part, a detailed notice of:

(a) Correction (clerical or administrative errors);

(b) Cancellation (as defined in §530.10(a)(3));

(c) Adjustment of accounts, by re-rating, liquidated damages, or otherwise;

(d) Final settlement of any account adjusted as described in paragraph (c) of this section; and

(e) Any change to:

(1) The name of a basic contract party; or

(2) The list of affiliates under §530.8(b)(9), including changes to legal names and business addresses, of any contract party entitled to receive or authorized to offer services under the contract.

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