In order to qualify for the exemptions to the general rate publication requirement as set forth in §532.2, an NRA must meet the following requirements:

(a) Writing. The NRA must be in writing.

(b) Parties. The NRA must contain the names of the parties and the names of the representatives agreeing to the NRA.

(c) Agreement. The terms of the NRA must be agreed to by both NRA shipper and NVOCC, prior to receipt of cargo by the NVOCC. The shipper is considered to have agreed to the terms of the NRA if the shipper:

(1) Provides the NVOCC with a signed agreement;

(2) Sends the NVOCC a written communication, including an email, indicating acceptance of the NRA terms; or

(3) Books a shipment after receiving the NRA terms from the NVOCC, if the NVOCC incorporates in the NRA terms the following text in bold font and all uppercase letters: “THE SHIPPER'S BOOKING OF CARGO AFTER RECEIVING THE TERMS OF THIS NRA OR NRA AMENDMENT CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF THE RATES AND TERMS OF THIS NRA OR NRA AMENDMENT.”

(d) Rates and terms

(1) General. The NRA must clearly specify the rate and terms, as well as the shipment or shipments to which such rate will apply.

(2) Surcharges, assessorial charges, and GRIs.

(i) If the rate is not an “all-in rate,” the NRA must specify whether additional surcharges, additional assessorial charges, or ocean common carrier general rate increases (“GRIs”) will apply.

(ii) The NRA may list the additional surcharges or assessorial charges, including pass-through charges, or reference specific surcharges or assessorial charges in the NVOCC's rules tariff.

(iii) If the additional surcharges or assessorial charges are included in the NVOCC's rules tariff, those additional surcharges or assessorial charges and the corresponding amounts specified in the rules tariff must be fixed once the first shipment has been received by the NVOCC until the last shipment is delivered, subject to an amendment of the NRA.

(iv) For any pass-through charge for which a specific amount is not included in the NRA or the rules tariff, the NVOCC may only invoice the shipper for charges the NVOCC incurs, with no markup.

(3) Non-rate economic terms. The NRA may include non-rate economic terms.

(e) Amendment. The NRA may be amended after the time the initial shipment is received by the NVOCC, but such changes may only apply prospectively to shipments not yet received by the NVOCC.

[83 FR 34792, July 23, 2018]

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