Except as provided in §540.9(j), the amount of coverage required under this section and §540.6(b) shall be in an amount determined by the Commission to be no less than 110 percent of the unearned passenger revenue of the applicant on the date within the two fiscal years immediately prior to the filing of the application which reflects the greatest amount of unearned passenger revenue. The Commission, for good cause shown, may consider a time period other than the previous two-fiscal-year requirement in this section or other methods acceptable to the Commission to determine the amount of coverage required. Evidence of adequate financial responsibility for the purposes of this subpart may be established by one or a combination (including §540.6 Surety Bonds) of the following methods:

(a) Filing with the Commission evidence of insurance, issued by an insurer, providing coverage for indemnification of passengers in the event of the nonperformance of water transportation.

(1) Termination or cancellation of the evidence of insurance, whether by the assured or by the insurer, and whether for nonpayment of premiums, calls or assessments or for other cause, shall not be effected: (i) Until notice in writing has been given to the assured or to the insurer and to the Bureau of Certification and Licensing at its office in Washington, DC 20573, by certified mail or courier service, (ii) until after 30 days expire from the date notice is actually received by the Commission, or until after the Commission revokes the Certificate (Performance), whichever occurs first. Notice of termination or cancellation to the assured or insurer shall be simultaneous to such notice given to the Commission. The insurer shall remain liable for claims covered by said evidence of insurance arising by virtue of an event which had occurred prior to the effective date of said termination or cancellation. No such termination or cancellation shall become effective while a voyage is in progress.

(2) The insolvency or bankruptcy of the assured shall not constitute a defense to the insurer as to claims included in said evidence of insurance and in the event of said insolvency or bankruptcy, the insurer agrees to pay any unsatisfied final judgments obtained on such claims.

(3) No insurance shall be acceptable under these rules which restricts the liability of the insurer where privity of the owner or charterer has been shown to exist.

(4) Paragraphs (a)(1) through (a)(3) of this section shall apply to the guaranty as specified in paragraph (c) of this section.

(b) Filing with the Commission evidence of an escrow account, acceptable to the Commission, for indemnification of passengers in the event of nonperformance of water transportation. Parties filing escrow agreements for Commission approval may execute such agreements in the form set forth in appendix A of subpart A of this part.

(c) Filing with the Commission a guaranty on Form FMC-133A, by a Protection and Indemnity Association with established assets, reserves and reinsurance acceptable to the Commission, for indemnification of passengers in the event of nonperformance of water transportation. The requirements of Form FMC-133A, however, may be amended by the Commission in a particular case for good cause. Copies of Form FMC-133A may be obtained from the Commission's Web site at http://www.fmc.gov or from the Bureau of Certification and Licensing.

(d) Revenues derived from whole-ship charters, as defined in §540.2(l), may be exempted from consideration as unearned passenger revenues, on condition that, in the case of a new operator or within 30 days of the execution of the whole-ship charter if the operator has a Performance Certificate for the vessel in question: (1) A certified true copy of the contract or charter is furnished with the application; (2) The chartering party attests that it will redistribute the vessel's passenger accommodations without charge; and (3) A document executed by the chartering party's Chief Executive Officer or other responsible corporate officer is submitted by which the chartering party specifically acknowledges that its rights to indemnification under section 3 of Public Law 89-777 (46 U.S.C. 44101-44102, 44104-44106) may be affected by the reduction in section 3, Public Law 89-777, financial responsibility coverage attributable to the exclusion of such funds from the operator's UPR.

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