46 USC § 53307
Basis for determining gain or loss and for depreciating new vessels
through Pub. L. 116-344, except Pub. Ls. 116-260 and 116-283

Under the income or excess profits tax laws of the United States, the basis for determining a gain or loss and for depreciation of a new vessel constructed, reconstructed, reconditioned, or acquired by the taxpayer, or for which purchase-money indebtedness is liquidated as provided in section 53310 of this title, with amounts from a construction reserve fund, shall be reduced by that part of the deposits in the fund expended in the construction, reconstruction, reconditioning, acquisition, or liquidation of purchase-money indebtedness of the new vessel that represents a gain not recognized for tax purposes under section 53306 of this title.

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Historical and Revision Notes


Source (U.S. Code) Source (Statutes at Large)
53307 46 App.:1161(d). June 29, 1936, ch. 858, title V, §511(d), as added Oct. 10, 1940, ch. 849, 54 Stat. 1106; July 17, 1952, ch. 939, §11, 66 Stat. 763.

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