As prescribed in 1815.209-70(d), insert the following provision:

Proposal Page Limitations (APR 2015)

(a) The following page limitations are established for each portion of the proposal submitted in response to this solicitation.

Open Table
Proposal section
(List each volume or section)
Page limit
(Specify limit)
[Proposal subsection]
(List each subsection)
        (e.g. Offeror's Subcontracting Plan should not exceed 20 pages)

(b) A page is defined as one side of sheet, 812 × 11, with at least one inch margins on all sides, using not smaller than 12 point type. Foldouts count as an equivalent number of 812 × 11 pages. The metric standard format most closely approximating the described standard 812 × 11 size may also be used. Other limitations/instructions identified as follows: (fill-in, if there are other limitations/instructions).

(c) Identify any exclusions to the page limits that are excluded from the page counts specified in paragraph (a) of this provision (e.g. title pages, table of contents) as follows: (fill-in). In addition, the Cost section of your proposal is not page limited. However, this section is to be strictly limited to cost and price information. Information that can be construed as belonging in one of the other sections of the proposal will be so construed and counted against that section's page limitation.

(d) If final proposal revisions are requested, separate page limitations will be specified in the Government's request for that submission.

(e) Pages submitted in excess of the limitations specified in this provision will not be evaluated by the Government and will be returned to the offeror.

(End of provision)

[62 FR 3483, Jan. 23, 1997, as amended at 63 FR 9966, Feb. 27, 1998; 80 FR 12946, Mar. 12, 2015; 80 FR 68778, Nov. 6, 2015]

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