(i) For items with a shelf-life of less than 6 months, consider the use of indefinite-delivery type contracts with orders to be placed either—

(A) Directly by the users; or

(B) By central purchasing offices with deliveries direct to users.

(ii) Whenever an indefinite-delivery contract is issued, the issuing office must furnish all ordering offices sufficient information for the ordering office to complete its contract reporting responsibilities under 204.670-2. This data must be furnished to the ordering activity in sufficient time for the activity to prepare its report for the action within 3 working days of the order.

(b) See 217.204(e)(i) for limitations on the period for task order or delivery order contracts awarded by DoD pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 2304a.

[56 FR 36340, July 31, 1991, as amended at 57 FR 42630, Sept. 15, 1992; 63 FR 11529, Mar. 9, 1998. Redesignated and amended at 78 FR 38235, June 26, 2013]

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