(a) General.

(6) Orders placed under indefinite-delivery contracts may be issued on DD Form 1155, Order for Supplies or Services.

(S-70) Departments and agencies shall comply with the review, approval, and reporting requirements established in accordance with subpart 217.7 when placing orders under non-DoD contracts in amounts exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold.

(b) Orders under multiple-award contracts.

(1) Fair opportunity.

(A) See 215.101-2-70 for the limitations and prohibitions on the use of the lowest price technically acceptable source selection process, which are applicable to orders placed against multiple award indefinite delivery contracts.

(B) See 217.7801 for the prohibition on the use of reverse auctions for personal protective equipment and aviation critical safety items.


(2) Exceptions to the fair opportunity process. For an order exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold, that is a follow-on to an order previously issued for the same supply or service based on a justification for an exception to fair opportunity citing the authority at FAR 16.505(b)(2)(i)(B) or (C), follow the procedures at PGI 216.505(b)(2).

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