(a) Use the following clauses in solicitations for, and in, master agreements for repair and alteration of vessels:

(1) 252.217-7003, Changes.

(2) 252.217-7004, Job Orders and Compensation.

(3) 252.217-7005, Inspection and Manner of Doing Work.

(4) 252.217-7006, Title.

(5) 252.217-7007, Payments.

(6) 252.217-7008, Bonds.

(7) 252.217-7009, Default.

(8) 252.217-7010, Performance.

(9) 252.217-7011, Access to Vessel.

(10) 252.217-7012, Liability and Insurance.

(11) 252.217-7013, Guarantees.

(12) 252.217-7014, Discharge of Liens.

(13) 252.217-7015, Safety and Health.

(14) 252.217-7016, Plant Protection, as applicable.


(1) Incorporate in solicitations for, and in, job orders, the clauses in the master agreement, and any other clauses on subjects not covered by the master agreement, but applicable to the job order to be awarded.

(2) Use the clause at 252.217-7016, Plant Protection, in job orders where performance is to occur at the contractor's facility.

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