(f) If nonconforming material or services are discovered after acceptance, the defect appears to be the fault of the contractor, any warranty has expired, and there are no other contractual remedies, the contracting officer—

(i) Shall notify the contractor in writing of the nonconforming material or service;

(ii) Shall request that the contractor repair or replace the material, or perform the service, at no cost to the Government; and

(iii) May accept consideration if offered. For guidance on solicitation of a refund, see subpart 242.71.

(S-70) The head of the design control activity is the approval authority for acceptance of any nonconforming aviation or ship critical safety items or nonconforming modification, repair, or overhaul of such items (see 209.270). Authority for acceptance of minor nonconformances in aviation or ship critical safety items may be delegated as determined appropriate by the design control activity. See additional information at PGI 246.407.

[56 FR 36460, July 31, 1991, as amended at 67 FR 4208, Jan. 29, 2002; 69 FR 55989, Sept. 17, 2004; 70 FR 57190, Sept. 30, 2005; 73 FR 1828, Jan. 10, 2008]

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