(a) Delegated authority. Pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 2631(a) and Secretary of Defense Memorandum dated February 7, 2012, (see PGI 245.573) the authority to make determinations of excessive ocean liner rates and excessive charter rates is delegated to—

(1) The Commander, United States Transportation Command, for excessive ocean liner rate determinations; and

(2) The Secretary of the Navy for excessive charter rate determinations.

(b) Procedures.

(1) Contracting officers shall follow the procedures at PGI 247.573(b)(1) when purchase of ocean transportation services is incidental to a contract for supplies, services, or construction.

(2) Contracting officers shall follow the procedures at PGI 247.573(b)(2) when direct purchase of ocean transportation services is the principal purpose of the contract.

(3) Agency and department procedures relating to annual reporting requirements of information received from offerors in response to solicitation provision 252.247-7026, Evaluation Preference for Use of Domestic Shipyards—Applicable to Acquisition of Carriage by Vessel for DoD Cargo in the Coastwise of Noncontiguous Trade, are found at PGI 247.573(b)(3).

(4) Procedures are provided at PGI 247.573(b)(4) to accomplish security background checks pursuant to clause 252.247-7027, Riding Gang Member Requirements.

[79 FR 61583, Oct. 14, 2014]

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