As prescribed in 225.7703-4(a), use the following provision:

Preference for Products or Services From Afghanistan (SEP 2013)

(a) Definitions. “Product from Afghanistan” and “service from Afghanistan,” as used in this provision, are defined in the clause of this solicitation entitled “Requirement for Products or Services from Afghanistan” (DFARS 252.225-7024).

(b) Representation. The offeror represents that all products or services to be delivered under a contract resulting from this solicitation are products from Afghanistan or services from Afghanistan, except those listed in—

(1) Paragraph (c) of this provision; or

(2) Paragraph (c)(2) of the provision entitled “Trade Agreements Certificate,” if included in this solicitation.

(c) Other products or services. The following offered products or services are not products from Afghanistan or services from Afghanistan:

(Line Item Number)   (Country of Origin)

(d) Evaluation. For the purpose of evaluating competitive offers, the Contracting Officer will increase by 50 percent the prices of offers of products or services that are not products or services from Afghanistan.

(End of provision)

[78 FR 59859, Sept. 30, 2013]

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