As prescribed in 225.1101(8), use the following clause:

Waiver of United Kingdom Levies (APR 2003)

(a) The U.S. Government may attempt to obtain a waiver of any commercial exploitation levies included in the price of this contract, pursuant to the U.S./United Kingdom (U.K.) reciprocal waiver agreement of July 1987. If the U.K. grants a waiver of levies included in the price of this contract, the U.S. Government reserves the right to reduce the contract price by the amount of the levy waived plus associated indirect costs and profit or fee.

(b) If the Contractor contemplates award of a subcontract exceeding $1 million to a U.K. firm, the Contractor shall provide the following information to the Contracting Officer before award of the subcontract:

(1) Name of the U.K. firm.

(2) Prime contract number.

(3) Description of item to which the levy applies.

(4) Quantity being acquired.

(5) Amount of levy plus any associated indirect costs and profit or fee.

(c) In the event of difficulty in identifying levies included in a price from a prospective subcontractor, the Contractor may seek advice through the Director of Procurement, United Kingdom Defence Procurement Office, British Embassy, 3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20006.

(d) The Contractor shall insert the substance of this clause, including this paragraph (d), in any subcontract for supplies where a lower-tier subcontract exceeding $1 million with a U.K. firm is anticipated.

(End of clause)

[68 FR 15639, Mar. 31, 2003, as amended at 73 FR 53155, Sept. 15, 2008; 78 FR 59859, Sept. 30, 2013]

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