As prescribed in 227.7103-6(d), 227.7104(f)(2), or 227.7203-6(e), use the following provision:

Technical Data or Computer Software Previously Delivered to the Government (JUN 1995)

The Offeror shall attach to its offer an identification of all documents or other media incorporating technical data or computer software it intends to deliver under this contract with other than unlimited rights that are identical or substantially similar to documents or other media that the Offeror has produced for, delivered to, or is obligated to deliver to the Government under any contract or subcontract. The attachment shall identify—

(a) The contract number under which the data or software were produced;

(b) The contract number under which, and the name and address of the organization to whom, the data or software were most recently delivered or will be delivered; and

(c) Any limitations on the Government's rights to use or disclose the data or software, including, when applicable, identification of the earliest date the limitations expire.

(End of provision)

[60 FR 33505, June 28, 1995]

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