As prescribed in 232.7202, use the following provision:

Notification of Payment in Local Currency (Afghanistan) (SEP 2014)

(a) The contract resulting from this solicitation will be paid in Afghani (local currency) if the contract is awarded to a host nation vendor (Afghan), pursuant to the authority of USCENTCOM Fragmentary Order (FRAGO) 09-1567 and FRAGO 10-143. Contract payment will be made in Afghani (local currency) via electronic funds transfer (EFT) to a local (Afghan) banking institution, unless an exception in paragraph (c) applies. Contracts shall not be awarded to host nation vendors who do not bank locally. If award is made to other than a host nation vendor, the contract will be awarded in U.S. dollars.

(b) Vendors shall submit quotations and offers in U.S. dollars. If the contract is awarded to an Afghan vendor, the quotation or offer will be converted to Afghani using a Government budget rate of [Insert current budget rate here.] Afghani per U.S. dollar.

(c) By exception, the following forms of payment are acceptable, in the following order of priority, when the local finance office determines that EFT using is not available:

(1) EFT using Limited Depository Account (LDA).

(2) Check from the local finance office LDA.

(3) Local currency cash payments in Afghani (must be approved in writing by the local finance office and contracting office prior to contract award). Payments in cash are restricted to contracts when—

(i) The vendor provides proof via a letter from the host nation banking institution that it is not EFT capable; and

(ii) The local finance office validates that the vendor's banking institution is not EFT capable. Cash payments will be made in Afghani.

(End of provision)

[79 FR 58696, Sept. 30, 2014]

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