As prescribed in 236.570(c)(1), use the following provision:

Overseas Military Construction—Preference for United States Firms (JAN 1997)

(a) Definition. “United States firm,” as used in this provision, means a firm incorporated in the United States that complies with the following:

(1) The corporate headquarters are in the United States;

(2) The firm has filed corporate and employment tax returns in the United States for a minimum of 2 years (if required), has filed State and Federal income tax returns (if required) for 2 years, and has paid any taxes due as a result of these filings; and

(3) The firm employs United States citizens in key management positions.

(b) Evaluation. Offers from firms that do not qualify as United States firms will be evaluated by adding 20 percent to the offer.

(c) Status. The offeror ___ is, ___ is not a United States firm.

(End of provision)

[62 FR 2857, Jan. 17, 1997, as amended at 63 FR 11549, Mar. 9, 1998]

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