As prescribed in 236.570(d), use the following clause:

Requirement for Competition Opportunity for American Steel Producers, Fabricators, and Manufacturers (JUN 2013)

(a) Definition. Construction material, as used in this clause, means an article, material, or supply brought to the construction site by the Contractor or a subcontractor for incorporation into the building or work.

(b) The Contractor shall provide American steel producers, fabricators, and manufacturers the opportunity to compete when acquiring steel as a construction material (e.g., steel beams, rods, cables, plates).

(c) The Contractor shall insert the substance of this clause, including this paragraph (c), in any subcontract that involves the acquisition of steel as a construction material, including subcontracts for the acquisition of commercial items.

(End of clause)

[74 FR 2418, Jan. 15, 2009, as amended at 78 FR 37990, June 25, 2013]

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