As prescribed in 237.7003(a) and (a)(5), use the following clause:

Termination for Default (DEC 1991)

(a) This clause supplements and is in addition to the Default clause of this contract.

(b) The Contracting Officer may terminate this contract for default by written notice without the ten day notice required by paragraph (a)(2) of the Default clause if—

(1) The Contractor, through circumstances reasonably within its control or that of its employees, performs any act under or in connection with this contract, or fails in the performance of any service under this contract and the act or failures may reasonably be considered to reflect discredit upon the Department of Defense in fulfilling its responsibility for proper care of remains;

(2) The Contractor, or its employees, solicits relatives or friends of the deceased to purchase supplies or services not under this contract. (The Contractor may furnish supplies or arrange for services not under this contract, only if representatives of the deceased voluntarily request, select, and pay for them.);

(3) The services or any part of the services are performed by anyone other than the Contractor or the Contractor's employees without the written authorization of the Contracting Officer;

(4) The Contractor refuses to perform the services required for any particular remains; or

(5) The Contractor mentions or otherwise uses this contract in its advertising in any way.

(End of clause)

[56 FR 36479, July 31, 1991, as amended at 71 FR 3416, Jan. 23, 2006; 84 FR 48505, Sept. 13, 2019]

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