As prescribed in 241.501-70(a), use the following clause:

Superseding Contract (DEC 1991)

This contract supersedes contract No. ___, dated __ which provided similar services. Any capital credits accrued to the Government, any remaining credits due to the Government under the connection charge, or any termination liability are transferred to this contract, as follows:

Capital Credits

(List years and accrued credits by year and separate delivery points.)

Outstanding Connection Charge Credits

(List by month and year the amount credited and show the remaining amount of outstanding credits due the Government.)

Termination Liability Charges

(List by month and year the amount of monthly facility cost recovered and show the remaining amount of facility cost to be recovered.)

(End of clause)

[56 FR 36479, July 31, 1991, as amended at 63 FR 11549, Mar. 9, 1998]

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