As prescribed in 246.710(3)(ii), use the following clause:

Warranty Tracking of Serialized Items (MAR 2016)

(a) Definitions. As used in this clause—

Duration means the warranty period. This period may be a stated period of time, amount of usage, or the occurrence of a specified event, after formal acceptance of delivery, for the Government to assert a contractual right for the correction of defects.

Enterprise means the entity (e.g., a manufacturer or vendor) responsible for granting the warranty and/or assigning unique item identifiers to serialized warranty items.

Enterprise identifier means a code that is uniquely assigned to an enterprise by an issuing agency.

First use means the initial or first-time use of a product by the Government.

Fixed expiration means the date the warranty expires and the Contractor's obligation to provide for a remedy or corrective action ends.

Installation means the date a unit is inserted into a higher level assembly in order to make that assembly operational.

Issuing agency means an organization responsible for assigning a globally unique identifier to an enterprise, as indicated in the Register of Issuing Agency Codes for International Standards Organization/International Electrotechnical Commission 15459, located at

Item type means a coded representation of the description of the item being warranted, consisting of the codes C—component procured separate from end item, S—subassembly procured separate from end item or subassembly, E—embedded in component, subassembly or end item parent, and P—parent end item.

Starting event means the event or action that initiates the warranty, such as first use or upon installation.

Serialized item means each item produced is assigned a serial number that is unique among all the collective tangible items produced by the enterprise, or each item of a particular part, lot, or batch number is assigned a unique serial number within that part, lot, or batch number assignment within the enterprise identifier. The enterprise is responsible for ensuring unique serialization within the enterprise identifier or within the part, lot, or batch numbers, and that serial numbers, once assigned, are never used again.

Unique item identifier means a set of data elements marked on an item that is globally unique and unambiguous.

Usage means the quantity and an associated unit of measure that specifies the amount of a characteristic subject to the contractor's obligation to provide for remedy or corrective action, such as a number of miles, hours, or cycles.

Warranty administrator means the organization specified by the guarantor for managing the warranty.

Warranty guarantor means the enterprise that provides the warranty under the terms and conditions of a contract.

Warranty repair source means the organization specified by a warranty guarantor for receiving and managing warranty items that are returned by a customer.

Warranty tracking means the ability to trace a warranted item from delivery through completion of the effectivity of the warranty.

(b) Reporting of data for warranty tracking and administration.

(1) The Contractor shall provide the information required by the attachment entitled “Warranty Tracking Information” on each contract line item number, subline item number, or exhibit line item number for warranted items no later than the time of award. Information required in the warranty attachment shall include such information as duration, fixed expiration, item type, starting event, usage, warranty administrator enterprise identifier, and warranty guarantor enterprise identifier.

(2) The Contractor shall provide the following information no later than when the warranted items are presented for receipt and/or acceptance—

(i) The unique item identifier for each warranted item required by the attachment entitled “Warranty Tracking Information;” and

(ii) The warranty repair source information and instructions for each warranted item required by the attachment entitled “Source of Repair Instructions.”

(3) The Contractor shall submit the data for warranty tracking to the Contracting Officer with a copy to the requiring activity and the Contracting Officer Representative.

(4) For additional information on warranty attachments, see the “Warranty and Source of Repair” training and “Warranty and Source of Repair Tracking User Guide” accessible on the Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program (PDREP) Web site at

(c) Reservation of rights. The terms of this clause shall not be construed to limit the Government's rights or remedies under any other contract clause.

(End of clause)

[76 FR 33170, June 8, 2011, as amended at 79 FR 17450, Mar. 28, 2014; 81 FR 17044, Mar. 25, 2016]

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