As prescribed in 247.207, use the following clause:

Pass-Through of Motor Carrier Fuel Surcharge Adjustment to the Cost Bearer (JUN 2013)

(a) This clause implements section 884 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009 (Pub. L. 110-417).

(b) Unless an exception is authorized by the Contracting Officer, the Contractor shall pass through any motor carrier fuel-related surcharge adjustments to the person, corporation, or entity that directly bears the cost of fuel for shipment(s) transported under this contract.

(c) The Contractor shall insert the substance of this clause, including this paragraph (c), in all subcontracts, including subcontracts for commercial items, with motor carriers, brokers, or freight forwarders.

(End of clause)

[75 FR 59105, Sept. 27, 2010, as amended at 78 FR 37991, June 25, 2013]

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