(a) Generally. Unless otherwise ordered, parties may take depositions after service of the answer. If the parties agree in writing on the deponent, time, place, recording method, and maximum duration of a deposition, no formal deposition notice is needed. The Board may order a deposition on motion under Rule 8 (48 CFR 6101.8) or by subpoena under Rule 16 (48 CFR 6101.16).

(b) Use. Parties may use deposition testimony in a case to the extent that would be permitted by Rule 32(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

(c) To perpetuate testimony. If the Board has decided a case, and either the time to appeal has not expired or an appeal has been taken, the Board may for good cause grant leave to take a deposition as if the case were still before the Board in order to preserve testimony for possible further proceedings before the Board.

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