(a) Marking exhibits. Unless otherwise ordered, parties shall, to the fullest extent practicable, submit exhibits for inclusion in the appeal file before a hearing starts under Rule 20 (48 CFR 6101.20) or before the first brief is filed when a case is submitted on the written record under Rule 19 (48 CFR 6101.19). Parties shall mark any exhibits offered in evidence thereafter as sequential additions to the appeal file. Such exhibits shall become part of the appeal file if admitted as evidence.

(b) Copies. The Board expects all document exhibits to be true, complete, and legible copies rather than originals. The Board may order a party to substitute a better copy or to make an original document available for inspection.

(c) Withdrawal. The Board may allow a party to withdraw an exhibit from the appeal file and the record for decision on terms fair to the other party.

(d) Disposition. Unless the Board advises the parties of another deadline, the Board may discard physical (non-electronic) exhibits in its possession 90 days after the time to appeal the Board's decision in the case expires.

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