(a) Decisions. The Board issues decisions in writing, except as allowed by Rule 52 (48 CFR 6101.52). The Board will send a copy of a decision to each party, requesting confirmation of receipt (see Rule 1 (48 CFR 6101.1)), and will post the decision on its website. If a decision reserves any part of a case for later proceedings, it is conclusive as to the matters it resolves, except as provided in Rules 26 and 28 (48 CFR 6101.26 and 6101.28).

(b) Settlements. Parties may settle a case by stipulating to an award. The Board may issue a decision making the stipulated award if:

(1) The Board is satisfied that it has jurisdiction; and

(2) The stipulation states that no party will seek reconsideration of, seek relief from, or appeal the Board's decision.

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