(a) Application for fees and other expenses. A party in an appeal may apply for an award of fees and other expenses as permitted under EAJA or any other provision that may entitle the party to such an award.

(b) Time for filing. A party may file an application for fees and other expenses only after the time to seek appellate review of a Board decision has expired. A party may file an application within 30 calendar days after that date.

(c) Application requirements. An application for fees and other expenses shall:

(1) Specify the applicant, appeal, and amount sought;

(2) Explain why the applicant is legally eligible for an award;

(3) Provide a schedule of fees and expenses with supporting documentation;

(4) Be signed by the applicant or a person appearing for the applicant, with a declaration under penalty of perjury that the information in the application is correct;

(5) Provide evidence of the applicant's small business status or net worth; and

(6) Justify any request for attorney fees exceeding the statutory rate.

(d) Proceedings.

(1) Within 30 days after receiving an application, the respondent may file an answer with any objections to the award requested, supported by facts and legal analysis.

(2) The Board may order further proceedings if necessary for a full and fair resolution of issues arising from an application.

(e) Decision. The Board will issue a written decision on an application.

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