(a) Content of responses. Within 30 calendar days after docketing by the Board (or within 60 calendar days after docketing if the agency office for which the services were provided is located outside the 50 states and the District of Columbia), the Audit Division and the agency for which the services were provided shall each submit to the Board:

(1) A simple, concise, and direct statement of its response to the claim;

(2) Citations to applicable statutes, regulations, and cases; and

(3) Any additional information deemed necessary to the Board's review of the claim.

(b) Service of copy. All responses submitted to the Board shall indicate that a copy has been sent to the claimant and to the Audit Division or the agency, as appropriate. To expedite proceedings, if either the Audit Division or the agency will not file a response (e.g., it believes its reasons for denying the claim were sufficiently explained in the material filed by the claimant), it should notify the Board, the claimant, and the Audit Division or the agency, as appropriate, that it does not intend to file a response.

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