48 USC § 1707
Payment of rents, royalties, and fees to local government
Pub. L. 116-282 (12/31/2020), except Pub. L. 116-260

On and after the date of enactment of this Act, all rents, royalties, or fees from leases, permits, or use rights, issued prior to such date of enactment by the United States with respect to the land conveyed by this Act, or by the amendment made by this Act, and rights of action for damages for trespass occupancies of such lands shall accrue and belong to the appropriate local government under whose jurisdiction the land is located.

References in Text

Date of enactment, referred to in text, is the date of enactment of Pub. L. 93–435, which was approved Oct. 5, 1974.

This Act, referred to in text, is Pub. L. 93–435, Oct. 5, 1974, 88 Stat. 1210, which enacted sections 1705 to 1708 of this title, amended section 1545 of this title, and repealed sections 1701 to 1703 of this title. For complete classification of this Act to the Code, see Tables.

The amendment made by this Act, referred to in text, means the amendment made by section 3 of Pub. L. 93–435 to section 1545(b) of this title.

References to "Date of Enactment"

For the purposes of the amendment made by subsection (a) of section 1 of Pub. L. 113–34, amending sections 1705 and 1706 of this title, the references to "date of enactment" in text shall be considered to be references to Sept. 18, 2013, see section 1(b) of Pub. L. 113–34, set out as a note under section 1705 of this title.

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