50 USC § 3316
Submission of intelligence community policies
through Pub. L. 116-282, except Pub. L. 116-260

(a) Definitions
In this section:

(1) Electronic repository
The term "electronic repository" means the electronic distribution mechanism, in use as of December 20, 2019, or any successor electronic distribution mechanism, by which the Director of National Intelligence submits to the congressional intelligence committees information.

(2) Policy
The term "policy", with respect to the intelligence community, includes unclassified or classified—

(A) directives, policy guidance, and policy memoranda of the intelligence community;

(B) executive correspondence of the Director of National Intelligence; and

(C) any equivalent successor policy instruments.

(b) Submission of policies

(1) Current policy
Not later than 180 days after December 20, 2019, the Director of National Intelligence shall submit to the congressional intelligence committees using the electronic repository all nonpublicly available policies issued by the Director of National Intelligence for the intelligence community that are in effect as of the date of the submission.

(2) Continuous updates
Not later than 15 days after the date on which the Director of National Intelligence issues, modifies, or rescinds a policy of the intelligence community, the Director shall—

(A) notify the congressional intelligence committees of such addition, modification, or removal; and

(B) update the electronic repository with respect to such addition, modification, or removal.


For definitions of "intelligence community" and "congressional intelligence committees", referred to in text, see section 5003 of div. E of Pub. L. 116–92, set out as a note under section 3003 of this title.

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