50 USC § 3329
Intelligence community contracting
through Pub. L. 116-282, except Pub. L. 116-260

(a) In general
The Director of National Intelligence shall direct that elements of the intelligence community, whenever compatible with the national security interests of the United States and consistent with the operational and security concerns related to the conduct of intelligence activities, and where fiscally sound, shall award contracts in a manner that would maximize the procurement of products in the United States.

(b) Intelligence community defined
In this section, the term "intelligence community" has the meaning given that term in section 3003(4) of this title.


Section was formerly classified to section 403–2 of this title prior to editorial reclassification and renumbering as this section.

Prior Provisions

Provisions similar to those in this section were contained in the following prior authorization act: Pub. L. 102–88, title IV, §404, Aug. 14, 1991, 105 Stat. 434.


2010—Pub. L. 111–259 added subsec. (b), designated existing provisions as subsec. (a), inserted heading, substituted "Director of National Intelligence" for "Director of Central Intelligence" and "intelligence community" for "Intelligence Community", and struck out at end "For purposes of this provision, the term 'Intelligence Community' has the same meaning as set forth in paragraph 3.4(f) of Executive Order 12333, dated December 4, 1981, or successor orders."

Enhanced Procurement Authority To Manage Supply Chain Risk

Pub. L. 112–87, title III, §309, Jan. 3, 2012, 125 Stat. 1883, formerly set out as a note under this section, was transferred to section 3334e of this title.

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