(a) Within the times specified under sections 206(b) and 207(d) of the Act, any livestock seller, live poultry seller or grower, to preserve his interest in the statutory trust, must give written notice to the appropriate packer or live poultry dealer and file such notice with the Secretary. One of the ways to satisfy the notification requirement under these provisions is to make certain that notice is given to the packer or live poultry dealer within the prescribed time by letter, mailgram, or telegram stating:

(1) Notification to preserve trust benefits:

(2) Identification of packer or live poultry dealer;

(3) Identification of seller or poultry grower;

(4) Date of the transaction;

(5) Date of seller's or poultry grower's receipt of notice that payment instrument has been dishonored (if applicable); and

(6) Amount of money due; and to make certain that a copy of such letter, mailgram, or telegram is filed with a PSD regional office or with the PSD headquarters office within the prescribed time.

(b) While the above information is desirable, any written notice which informs the packer or live poultry dealer and the Secretary that the packer or live poultry dealer has failed to pay is sufficient to meet the above-mentioned statutory requirement if it is given within the prescribed time.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0580-0015)

[54 FR 16357, Apr. 24, 1989, as amended at 68 FR 75388, Dec. 31, 2003; 84 FR 45648, Aug. 30, 2019]

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