36 CFR Document 2019-19553
Completion of Interim Rules
November 4, 2020


Office of the Secretary, USDA.




The United States Department of Agriculture is announcing the completion of certain interim rules that published in the Federal Register more than 3 years ago. USDA is taking this action because the published interim rules have been fully implemented and no further rulemaking publication is required.


The interim rules are completed as of September 10, 2019.


Michael Poe, Telephone Number: (202) 720-3323.



To promote transparency in regulatory planning, the Administration, beginning with the Spring 2017 Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions, published for the first time an “inactive” list of agency regulatory actions that were under review but not included in the Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions. Such “inactive” actions allow agencies to take additional time to review a regulatory or deregulatory action and to preserve the regulatory identification number (RIN) and title for possible future use. After further review, and to clean out a backlog of older, obsolete RINs, USDA is taking this action to reduce its regulatory backlog and focus its resources on higher priority actions. The Department's actions are part of an overall regulatory reform strategy to reduce regulatory burden on the public and to ensure that future Unified Agendas of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions provided the public accurate information about rulemakings the Department intends to undertake. USDA reviewed its pending regulatory actions listed as “inactive.” This review focused on interim rules that published in the Federal Register more than 3 years ago, and for which no final rule has been issued. The agency identified 20 such regulatory actions.

Although not required to do so by the Administrative Procedure Act or by regulations of the Office of the Federal Register, the agency believes the public interest is best served by announcing in the Federal Register that it has fully implemented these 20 items. Therefore, for the reasons set forth above, USDA announces that it has fully completed the 20 rulemaking initiatives which were published in the Federal Register on the dates indicated in the table below and that no further rulemaking publication is required.

Agency RIN Title Published action Date FR cite
OSEC 0503-AA49 Agricultural Career and Employment Grants Program IFR 11/8/2011 76 FR 69114
FAS 0551-AA80 Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers IFR 3/1/2010 75 FR 9087
NRCS 0578-AA45 Environmental Quality Incentives Program IFR 1/15/2009 74 FR 2293
NRCS 0578-AA47 Wetlands Reserve Program IFR 1/15/2009 74 FR 2317
FSA 0560-AH43 Emergency Conservation Program IFR 5/26/2006 71 FR 30263
FSA 0560-AH66 Interest Rates on Farm Service Agency Farm Loan Programs Guaranteed Loans IFR 3/4/2013 78 FR 13999
FSA 0560-AH89 Emergency Forest Restoration Program IFR 11/17/2010 75 FR 70083
FSA 0560-AH98 Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program IFR 7/8/2010 75 FR 39135
FSA 0560-AI06 Noninsured Disaster Assistance Program IFR 4/9/2013 78 FR 21015
FSA 0560-AI11 Crop Assistance Program IFR 10/25/2010 75 FR 65423
FSA 0560-AI20 Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program IFR 12/15/2014 79 FR 74562
FSA 0560-AI25 Farm Loan Programs, Entity Eligibility Changes IFR 10/8/2014 79 FR 60739
FSA 0560-AI26 Conservation Compliance IFR 4/24/2015 80 FR 22873
FSA 0560-AI30 Conservation Reserve Program IFR 7/16/2015 80 FR 41987
RBS 0570-AA71 Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program IFR 5/28/2010 75 FR 30114
RBS 0570-AA74 Re-Powering Assistance Payments to Eligible Biorefineries IFR 2/11/2011 76 FR 7916
RBS 0570-AA80 Rural Business Investment Program IFR 12/23/2011 76 FR 80217
RBS 0570-AA92 Rural Business Development Grant IFR 3/25/2015 80 FR 15665
RBS 0570-AA94 Strategic Economic and Community Development IFR 5/20/2015 80 FR 28807
FNS 0584-AD60 Direct Certification and Certification of Homeless, Migrant and Runaway Children IFR 4/25/2011 76 FR 22785

Dated: August 28, 2019.

Rebeckah Adcock,

Regulatory Reform Officer and Senior Adviser to the Secretary.

[FR Doc. 2019-19553 Filed 9-9-19; 8:45 am]


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